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IDEOLATRY takes the reader on a journey of Self-discovery, Biblical discovery and Spiritual discovery with the goal of understanding the Character of God as revealed in His own Word, the Bible. IDEOLATRY is organized in three basic elements. Each module leads the reader to a deeper understanding of the common thread that runs throughout the Bible.
  • IDEOLATRY weaves the world of science, physics, and psychology with scripture, to touch your spirit and intellect.
  • IDEOLATRY  will help you realize a deeper and more intimate relationship with the One who made you!
  • IDEOLATRY reveals a compassionate God who loves you - not an angry almighty as has been portrayed throughout time.
  • IDEOLATRY is not a substitute for reading the Bible, but it will open your eyes to help you see the wealth of benefits that God has provided for you. Using the Bible as its source, Ideolatry may challenge some traditional views, but will help you “connect the dots” to follow the thread of God’s love and compassion for us humans.
PART I - This is all about you, the reader, and things that may affect how you relate to God. Your perspectives can define your view of God, but how do the circumstances, events, and situations in your life shape the way that you interpret what you read in the Bible? You can overcome influences that may distort your view of God and the Bible. You can allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Truth to you.

PART II - Your Future is determined by your actions today. Tomorrow, those actions become YOUR PAST. The influence of history is essential. Examine God’s Covenant with mankind - Biblical successes and failures in the Old Testament - Actions and motivations that reveal responsibility for what happened when things went wrong. Discover the difference between the dogma of religious traditions and the Truth of God.

PART III - Understand the difference between the judgment of Jesus and God vs. human judgment. What is the Wrath of God? How does it relate to what Christ did for you? Did God change His mind between the Old and New Testaments? IDEOLATRY helps to reveal God's common thread that runs throughout the Bible - His interaction with you and the many scriptures that prove that many religious traditions are not consistent with God’s True Character and Nature.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Ideolatry shines a light on the fact that God Loves You!

Who is God and what is He up to? How does He operate and what does He want? How do you see Him? Is God mad at me? Is He testing me? Is He judging me? Does God allow bad things to happen? Does He change His mind? What is God's wrath and how does He act on it? What is Truth and who defines it?

The sophistication of today's technology might overwhelm you with a sense that all of the answers to your questions about Life and your Life's Purpose are answered in the truth of science and technology.

IDEOLATRY- placing the human intellect on a pedestal and worshiping its potential is its core. It can severely diminish one's ability to be completely fulfilled.

Your personal Ideolatry can skew your perspectives due to your Life Filters. Those Filters are created through your Observations and Experiences.

For example, Einstein's Theory of Relativity can explain why we all have different versions of truth. Our relative perspectives and observations are key elements to our understanding of the world around us and form our personal version of Truth and our Ideolatry.

However, there is a Higher Truth that goes beyond what we observe and experience.

If God is not my problem, then who is?

This book will help you unlock some of these mysteries by discovering their answers in the Bible.

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